San Diego Submission Requirements

Submission Quick Reference

Team Leaders: Please make sure that whomever is responsible for editing and exporting your film has this information. We highly recommend that your make sure all of your team has this information. The more members of your team who know this the less likely it will be forgotten on Drop-off Sunday.

These are the preferred submission formats for San Diego. You are advised to have your editor do a test export to make sure they know how to do it. Every year teams turn in late films because they run into problems on export. Most of the time this would have been avoided by testing the export process earlier.

NOTE: If you are having trouble exporting in the preferred formats, then export in whatever format works for you. The most important thing is that your film is on time.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Format Your USB Flash Drive
USB Flash Drives come pre-formatted as FAT32 which will NOT support the large file size of HD films. When you try to write a large file to the drive it will fail and in most cases not tell you why. To work properly you MUST re-format your drive in one of the following ways:

exFAT - Works with both Windows and MAC computers.

Windows - NTFS
MAC - Extended OS (journaled)

Export Speed Trick (Thanks to David Newman!)
Export your film directly to the USB flash drive that you will be submitting. This is much faster than exporting to your computer's drive and then copying it to your USB flash drive.

GoPro CineForm codec
Films are no longer required to be submitted in the CineForm Codec.

The preferred San Diego High Definition submission format:

Audio Levels

The preferred San Diego Standard Definition submission format:

Audio Levels

Films that are submitted in Standard Definition will be converted to High Definition for projection.

What makes the San Diego 48HFP different?

At one time San Diego was the only all High Definition 48HFP city in the world. This means that not only can you shoot and edit in HD, but we also project your film on the theater's system in HD. In order to do this we have to convert all the films that are submitted into Digital Cinema Packages (DCP). This allows us to load your film onto the theater's system and project it the same as if it were a feature-length film. Unlike most other 48HFP cities, San Diego does not run projections from a Blu-Ray disc nor a laptop. Projecting from a DCP gives you the absolute best projection possible for your film.

What size USB flash drive should I get?

An 8Gb or larger High-speed USB 3.0 flash drive is recommended. It will become the property of the 48HFP when it is submitted.
Editing Note: To speed up the exporting of your film, export it directly to your USB flash drive and then copy it back to your computer's hard drive. Because of the difference between the read and write speed of flash drives you can save a significant amount of time exporting this way.