The Screen Actors Guild - American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) has partnered with us once again to allow their members to perform in the 48 Hour Film Project by creating a special 48HFP Rider. If you are considering using SAG-AFTRA members in your film, please read this page for more information.

When deciding whether to use SAG-AFTRA members in your film, please note that your distribution options will be more limited. For any use beyond the uses granted to the 48HFP, you will need to negotiate directly with SAG-AFTRA. For example, if you wish to submit your film to a festival, no negotiation is needed. If, however, you wish to put your film up on a third party website (e.g., YouTube, MySpace, etc.) you will be required to negotiate with SAG-AFTRA, and probably pay your actor a fee for your film to be allowed on the site.

In order to work with a SAG-AFTRA member, you (the team leader) will need to sign the SAG-AFTRA Short Film Agreement, as modified by the 48HFP Rider. The Rider means that you do not need to furnish a script ahead of time (impossible in the 48 Hour Film Project, anyway), you do not need to pay a fee to SAG-AFTRA, and you may use volunteer actors.

Each of your SAG-AFTRA actors must complete the SAG-AFTRA Employment Contract.

Both documents are linked below.

When you submit your film to us at the Drop-off Event on Sunday, you must also include your SAG-AFTRA paperwork.

SAG-AFTRA Checklist for Drop Off Event

Important Notes

To fill out the Employment Contract, the team leader should sign by "Producer" and then print their name by "By". The performer signs by "Performer" and writes their social security number below.

SAG-AFTRA permits the 48 Hour Film Project the following uses of films created under this agreement: to screen them theatrically, to include them on DVD compilations, to enter them in festivals and to show them on the 48 Hour Film Project website provided they are not downloadable.

Of course, all uses of your film must also abide by the Team Leader's Agreement for the 48HFP. Click here for more information on uses of your film.

In order to request permission from SAG-AFTRA for various uses of your film, please contact SAG-AFTRA directly. If you are in the eastern United States, contact Leif Larson at +1-212-827-1513. If you are in the western United States, contact Marisa Leal at +1-323-549-6039 or Katie Watson at +1-323-549-6054.