Drop-off Event

May 19 - Drop-off Event
Gordon Biersch
Westfield Mission Valley
5010 Mission Center Rd
San Diego, CA 92108

The Drop-off Event marks the end of the competition weekend. For your film to be considered on time it must arrive by 7:30PM.

Every year several films that would otherwise been turned in on time
miss the 7:30PM deadline due to exporting problems.

We highly recommend that you allow plenty of time for the export of your film so that you don't miss the deadline. Please see the San Diego Submission Requirements page for important information about exporting and submitting your film.

Films that are dropped off late will still be screened and are eligible for Audience Choice awards.

In order for a film to be considered on time, the film must be submitted before the deadline time of 7:30PM. Filmmakers with a completed film that is ready to be submitted will be admitted into the Drop-off area and anyone in that drop-off area before 7:30PM with a completed film will be considered on time.

Any films not inside the Drop-off area at 7:30pm will be considered late. Films will still be accepted throughout the evening on Sunday until midnight. No films will be accepted after midnight Sunday! Completed late films will be screened and will still be eligible for the Audience Choice award.

Your Team Leader has our contact information if there are any last minute questions.